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What's The Difference Between Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing?

Whats the difference between soft wash vs pressure wash

When it comes to washing your exterior it's all about the right balance of performance and power. That's one reason why hiring a professional pressure washing company has numerous advantages. Residential pressure washing involves many different surface materials and therefore involves different levels of pressure and cleaning methods to get it right and without damage.

So you might be asking what's the difference? Soft washing is a cleaning method that became popular in the mid-1990s. Professionals often opt for soft washing because it uses a lower PSI (pounds per square inch) than traditional pressure washing.

Soft washing uses lower pressure and it is often combined with eco-friendly cleaners that are just as effective at removing dirt, molds, algae, and stains as regular pressure washing, only without the high risk of potential damage.

Both soft washing and pressure washing have their pros and cons, so it's important to choose the right technique for the job. Got questions or want to schedule a service? Great! Contact the pressure washing experts from Quality Blast today at 217-308-8499 to book a service for your Bloomington property!

Benefits Of Soft Washing

Now that you know the difference between soft washing and pressure washing, you might be thinking, okay, but besides less pressure does soft washing have any big benefits you should be aware of? It does. Soft washing is the go-to cleaning method for most professionals for a reason.

  • Reduce Damage! Soft washing's #1 benefit is that it gives you peace of mind that the job will get done right without the big risk of damage that pressure washing often carries. Soft washing means less risk of dents, cracks, and discolorations.
  • It's Versatile! Soft washing is a great cleaning method for a number of materials. If you have an antique home soft washing is great for cleaning wood siding or vintage glass. Slate, vinyl, glass, wood, and more can all be cleaned using soft washing.
  • It's Eco-friendly! That's right! Not only does soft washing use less water than traditional pressure washing but it is often used in combination with gentle green cleaners that remove dirt and grime without hurting the environment.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing

So we learned all about soft washing but there is still a time and place for pressure washing. The high-force cleaning method has multiple benefits and is great for tough surfaces like concrete, cars, and steel.

  • It's strong! Pressure washing has the force to remove deeply rooted corrosive chemicals in materials like concrete that gentle methods might not otherwise be able to touch. And when it comes to commercial or industrial jobs, forget about it! Pressure washing is ideal for tough jobs that require more force.
  • It Sanitizes! Pressure washing is a great method to sanitize areas like pool decks and dumpster pads where mildew, mold, and grime can quickly build up.
  • No chemicals! Because of the use of high pressure, pressure washing doesn't normally require cleaning agents. This is great news if you're looking for an effective cleaning method that doesn't require harsh chemicals to get the job done.